• Image of (B17) Tanabe NF210 Lowering Springs Sentra (2013)
  • Image of (B17) Tanabe NF210 Lowering Springs Sentra (2013)

B17 Sentra owners looking for a lowered stance at a great price?
Your Tanabe Lowering springs are here!

*Provides a Lowered Stance and Improved Handling While Maintaining Comfort and Performance

Lowers 1.5" front and 1.4" rear

Tanabe NF210 lowering springs are designed to lower your vehicle and reduce fender gap, but maintain the most possible comfort and ride quality. Tanabe created the NF210 for those who want a tasteful drop and give the car a lowered elegant pose, while maintaining springs rates that are only about 5% above stock spring rates to maintain the factory ride quality settings.

Tanabae NF210 features:
• Popular for luxury cars that demand a smooth and comfortable ride
• Lowers the vehicle just enough to close some wheel gap
• Lowers vehicle to keep front and rear as even as possible


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