• Image of (B17) 16-19 Sentra Sports Mesh Grill (fit ALL TRIM fit ALL TRIM S,SL,SR,SV,TURBO,NISMO)

2016-2019 B17 Sentra owners, your Sports Grill has Arrived!

Are you bored of the same old factory grill and want a change?
We have the grill for you!

We've received a lot of requests for these. Available now at the Sentra Nation store is the Sports mesh grill for your 16-19 Sentra.

This grill will fit ALL TRIM B17 Sentra (ALL TRIM S,SL,SR,SV,TURBO,NISMO)

The sports grill is made of high quality ABS plastic. Give your Sentra the extra breathing space it needs to keep things cool under the hood.

Mounting tabs/hardware & Nissan Emblem is NOT INCLUDED. Please reuse the mounting hardware and Emblem from your OEM front grill.

B17.5 Sentra owners! the wait is over!

Get yours while supplies last!

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